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​     SCOTT MINNI'S Golf Practice Plate

CAN BE USED ON MATS OR GRASS, SHORT SHOTS                                OR LONG!

Finally a golf training product that will help golfers improve even when practicing on those wretched (and misleading) hitting mats! The revolutionary Practice Plate, designed and built by Canadian PGA teaching pro Scott Minni, is intended to promote consistent in ball striking by using 'sound and tactile feedback' to identify negative shot patterns in the swing motion. Hitting the ground before the ball (fat shots) are one of the main trouble patterns exhibited by recreational golfers. When the Practice Plate is used in training the golfer will know instantly if this is showing up in their swing.

Multi-Purpose Trainer

Ball Striking: Teaches the golfer how to hit the ball first, rather than the ground first. This leads to taking the proper divot after the ball. By placing the ball a recommended distance from the arrow edge, if a golfer hits the Plate before the ball, it will tell them with a metal sound that they have hit the shot fat (ground first) and they will have to make the necessary adjustments on the next shot(s). The hitting mats are just way too forgiving and make the club bounce into the ball, making a golfer look better than they really are until they get out onto the course...where's there real grass!!

Golf Training Aids

Golf Practice Plate (with pdf book) 

$17.95 cdn  (Includes tax & shipping)

Purchase my book Smash & Carve Golf and receive the Golf Practice Plate...for FREE!!! 

Swing Path: The target line graphic along with the 2-plane swing path (silk screened on top of plate) will act as an important reminder for the golfer to always hit from the inside-out, which leads to drawing the ball, thus fixing your slice forever!! 

Shank Shot Eliminator: The bent edge on the Practice Plate is there to help a golfer recognize if they are shanking (hitting off the shaft). If the golfer hits the bent edge it will tell them with a metal sound.

 *In a nutshell, the goal of using the Practice Plate is to simply NOT HIT HIT! If you can learn to do this.......10 shots consecutively, then 20 etc......your game will improve dramatically!!

Great for chipping and pitching
Promotes good aim and alignment
Improves the take-away
Eliminates scooping
Can be used on-course
Does not damage golf clubs
No paint is left on your clubs
Fits in your golf bag comfortably
Constantly promotes positive shot patterns
Constantly diminishes negative shot patterns

Made out of metal (24 gauge, 10” long, 7” wide, 1” high)
Thin design does not effect your take-away
No damage or marks left on clubs from normal use
Industrialized powder coating for protection and durability
Tried and tested the Plate is very durable

*Smash & Carve Golf assumes no liability for personal injury or damage to your golf clubs from using the Golf Practice Plate.

 *All 'duties' will be the responsibility of the buyer under the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement.

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