​Scott Minni's Smash & Carve Golf book was inspired by the legendary Ben Hogan, ​considered the finest ball striker the game has known. In a tribute to the master, Scott focuses on The Art of Ball Striking the fundamentals to good golf that are virtually ignored in golf instructional literature!

Throughout the book Scott introduces players to the crucial keys to the game that the best golfers work on. In easy-to-follow text and in more than 160 beautiful black and white, and color photos Scott explains and demonstrates why divots are essential, and the 'why' and 'how' to shape the ball. There's also an new chapter in the book (starting in 2010) which expands on the more advanced moves in the golf swing.

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First published in 1999, Smash & Carve has been receiving rave reviews and delighting golfers ever since. In the early years (before 2005) the book has been available at all Chapters/Indigo locations across Canada. Since 2005 the book has only been available from this website or directly from Scott. Starting in 2010 the book will no longer be available in a soft cover version and will only be available in a PDF FORMAT.

The new PDF version of Smash & Carve also has a new chapter titled “The Engine Moves” to which is not part of the old (soft cover) version. 
The new chapter expands on the back swing and down swing plane, the slot area, and the impact zone. Basically the areas of the swing that all keen players want to learn more about.

Table of Contents
A tribute to Ben Hogan
How to approach a lesson
Chapter 1 ~ Building a Swing
Chapter 2 ~ Contact (smash)
Chapter 3 ~ Direction (carve)
Chapter 4 ~ Supination
Chapter 5 ~ Engine Moves
Practice with a purpose


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