• It’s a beautiful presentation and an angle I haven’t seen in other golf books.
- Stephen Power, Sen. Editor, Wiley Publishing, NY

• I want to compliment you on your very good book, “Smash & Carve golf”. In every respect, you have done a fine job.
- Rob Sanders, Publisher, Greystone Books, Vancouver, BC

• I’d like to start by telling you I was turned onto your brilliant book about a year ago by a pro here in Bellingham. Great piece of work!
- Jeffery Jantsch, Bellingham, Wa

• Congratulations on your very impressive book. Smash & Carve. You should be proud of what I feel is a beautifully designed and well written book.
- Stephen Carroll, Exec. Director BCPGA (93 – 2005)

• You should be very proud at what you have accomplished Scott. This might be the best instructional book I have ever seen.
- James Cronk, Director of Golf, Westwood Plateau
G & CC, Coquitlam, BC

• Just e-mailing to say what a great job you did! This is one of the most focused and well-presented instructional books I have ever read.
- Brent Mason, Vancouver, BC

• I would like to commend you on your hard work and dedication in producing your book. I have received a number of comments from BCPGA pros who were very impressed and proud of your great effort.
- Gilles Dufort, past president of the BCPGA (1999, 2000)

• I found your book on Amazon a few months ago and thought it sounded interesting so I picked it up and have been pleased with it. I am trying to get back into golf and practicing regularly. Nice to find a book that boils down the essentials into a short, readable package. And good for you for promoting the idea of learning from what the ball is doing instead of telling people to go out and do drills for hours on end. You’ve inspired me to work on my shot making.
- Mike Bendel, San Jose, Calif.

• I purchased your book and read it with great interest. Your book was exactly what I needed. It spoke to me in very clear language and gave me the direction I was looking for. I poured over it upon purchase and then isolated my efforts to Building a swing and contact. I happen to live on a beach in Southern, Ontario and have been hitting there daily (never thought of that before). After 3 weeks I am making good contact with the higher irons often enough to see it’s possible…and working down. Hopefully I will be able to work on direction before winter. Once again, thanks so much.
- Dave Chomitz, Cobourg, Ontario

• Wonderful book, the pure essence of shot making. That elusive feeling one gets when he is “pinching the ball” into the turf is finally put into words. Centers on the art of shot making with irons specifically. Author is a Ben Hogan – George Knudson guy all the way.
- Thomas S. Dropp, Mirimar, Calif.

• Encouraged mostly by reviewers on this site, I picked up a thirty year old set of Wilson Staff forged irons and just love them. Though the purchase coincided with fundamental improvements in my swing made easy by an awesome golf book called "Smash and Carve" by Scott Minni (based upon Ben Hogan and the very best game improver I've ever come across), the irons have been wonderful. New grips and shaft extensions have them zeroing in on targets like nothing I've ever experienced. The critical new book and beautiful forged blades are a great team.
- Model Reviewed: Wilson Staff forged tour blades, from Dan (taken from internet)

• I recently purchased a copy of your book “S&C Golf”. I have found it to be by far the most logical, well illustrated books of its kind — congratulations! I am also impressed by the leadership role you play in exposing previously hidden areas in golf instruction.
- Nagib Jamal

Smash & Carve Golf