Scott is available for lessons in the Vancouver area ‘year round’ at two separate facilities for your convenience:

The University Golf Club in Vancouver, which is located approx. 15 minutes west of downtown, is a fully public facility. Click on the ‘link’ for lesson rates, facility information, and directions. To book lessons with Scott at UGC call him direct or book with the golf club directly (recommended).

University Golf Club – (604) 224.1818

Scott’s Teaching schedule at UGC (April thru Oct.)
Tuesday 11 to 8
Friday 4 to 8
Saturday 8 to 4
Sunday (morning) sometimes
Monday (morning) sometimes


The Beach Grove Golf Club in Tsawwassen, which is located approx. 40 minutes south of downtown Vancouver, is a private club, but the general public is allowed to take lessons there. The only downfall being, there is no ‘covered area’ at their driving range. Click on the ‘link’ for facility information, and directions.

The lesson rates at BG are slightly lower than at UGC, but do not have any ‘extra incentives’ to which the UGC teaching program has. You will have to contact Scott by email so he can send the rates to you. To book lessons with Scott at BGGC, call him direct or contact by email.

Scott Minni – (604) 948.5414         Email: scott@smashandcarvegolf.com

Scott’s teaching schedule at Beach Grove

Varies.......... contact Scott to arrange time



Scott specializes in teaching anyone that is keen and truly excited about learning golf. It really doesn’t matter what your talent level is, his experience from teaching full-time since 1985, combined with his inception into the game in 1974 (started golf at age11) will make your path to better golf an enjoyable one, and a trustworthy one.

Scott’s rare combination of tournament golf success, aligned with a ‘unique and exciting theme’ for making the learning environment creative, fun and accurate, put him in a class that very few golf pros ever achieve!

When taking lessons with Scott you can expect: knowledge, direction, clarity, patience, fun and dedication. He has seen all the familiar trouble patterns from all ages and abilities, to which contributed greatly in the creation of his book ~ Smash & Carve!
Scott welcomes golfers of all-levels.

  • Constant work on the proper fundamentals including: golf swing, chipping, pitching, sand play and putting.
  • Become consistent in your Ballstriking with proper trajectory & divot control.
  • Become consistent by fixing your slice forever: learn how to ‘draw and         
       hook’ the golf ball……….on command.
  • On-course instruction can be part of any program.
  • Short game, short game, short game………..
  • Video is constantly used.
  • ‘Swing sequence pictures’ of your swing sent to your email (available upon request)
  • ‘Take-home DVD’ of your swing (available upon request)