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Smash & Carve Golf is a golf learning system that encompasses ball striking and shot making fundamentals in an instructional book and series of lessons

Smash & Carve Golf was developed by Scott Minni after years of working with golfers of all levels of ability. Scott recognized that when his students first came to him they were all trying to “scoop” the ball off the ground and to hit the ball ‘straight.’ Scott christened this the ‘scoop & straight’ approach and identified “S&S” as the root of most bad golf habits.

Inexperienced golfers, and some long-time players, are not aware that their constant attempt to hit the ball straight is precisely why nearly 90% of all golfers are chronic slicers. Smash & Carve is the opposite of “scoop & straight.”

Smash is Scott’s term for making ‘contact’ or what the golf TV announcers refer to as ‘ball striking.’ Smash is the technique of getting the ball off the ground properly by taking the correct divot. (Almost all inexperienced golfers have no idea about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of taking divots and just how vital taking the correct divot is to good golf.)

Carve is Scott’s term for ‘shot making, shaping the shot by curving it right-to-left or left-to-right intentionally, not by accident.

Committed to teaching beginning, intermediate and advanced students alike, Scott’s S&C program not only allows everyone to play their best golf but also encourages them to really enjoy the game and make it a big part of their lifestyle.

Scott’s philosophy is to ‘build a swing’ to last a lifetime using the ball striking and shot making fundamentals of Smash & Carve as the solid foundation.

Making the revolutionary Smash & Carve system part of your game, and taking your game to the next level, is as easy as contacting us to get your copy of Scott’s ground-breaking book Smash & Carve Golf, and teeing up a series of lessons with one of the game’s most innovative and respected teachers.